Brian Keith :Professional Beauty Photographer

Brian Keith photographer is an internationally acclaimed Beauty photographer, image maker, and fashion photographer. He is known for the genuine expressions he captures in his fashion images , as well as his actor’s and environmental portraits. Keith’s work is notably exceptional because it showcases and highlights the charisma and personality of each individual.

Keith is anything but cookie-cutter or dry. He gets repeat work from Fortune 500 Companies because his photos showcase the dynamism of the people who make the Modeling world! Everyone wants to be seen as confident and comfortable in their photos and Keith is uncommonly skilled at doing just that. His Fashion photos are refined and professional, but they still express strength and power.

Keith lives and travels between New York City, Paris, and Amsterdam. In each city, he has a core of clients that he is constantly servicing in the three areas of his expertise. Keith’s photo spreads have appeared in GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Surface, Oyster, Trace, Blue, Quest, French Photo, and French Grazia magazines. He has shot advertising campaigns for companies such as Ralph Lauren and Kookai. His professionally focused work is used on Fashion and Beauty campaign.

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