The Documentary Every Woman Needs To Watch

“The media absolutely reinforces the idealization of thinness and the ‘perfect body,’” says Claire Mysko, CEO of the National Eating Disorders association.
The media might not be the only thing to point a finger at, but it does seem to be the nucleus of our day; we wake up, watch the news, skim over newsletters from our favourite brands, double tap our favourite insta-images, drive to work, pass the billboards on the highway, listen to refined, perfected, edited ideas on the radio, in magazines, in film. Things might not always be perfect in these outlets, but they always have happy endings, some moment of clarity. Ironic that the message they’re producing is making us even foggier, yeah?

Our current idea of beauty kind of reminds me of a diet fad like Atkins, Weight Watchers, or Paleo. It’s constantly being hailed as embodying one thing; soon to be revised, denied and brought back after several decades of boredom with whatever came before it. Each time, the new “trend” poses ethical and health-related concerns to the few who attempt believing it, especially those who morph their characteristics to feel more at home in the modern world. It hurts me when I think about how easily we take on physical and emotion pain just to feel “good” about ourselves.

I was, of course, one of those people. Culminating in my Glamour article which was released in February (and was also that day’s most-read piece of fashion writing), I explained how my desire to work in fashion was ultimately the reason I justified visiting a line so close to death. It was a complete mental battle between what I knew I was worth and what I felt I was worth to others, and that subjectivity won before it lost. However, the experience delivered me with a powerful punch in the face, which is that nothing good will come from trying to squeeze your dynamic dimensions into any kind of theorized mould.

Anyways, back to the future! This documentary, Straight/Curve, is something I’m involved in because it celebrates diversity in every sense of the word. Age, Size, Height, Race, Identity – Being a fashion model, being beautiful, now means more than one thing. On a commercial level, companies are realizing the tremendous power that positivity – body positivity – can hold.

The fashion world is changing, and this could very well be the blueprint. Here’s the second trailer of Straight/Curve Film, a fashion documentary about bodies, health and the future of fashion.

Love you guys. x

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