detox your brain

How to Detox your Brain

Juices are fabulous. Greens, beets, ginger, a carrot, an apple, some himalayan sea salt if feeling adventurous, and blam-o. A colon-cleansing ka-pow that pries your cell-phone from your hands, opens your Instagram application and posts an all-white photo with said juice bottle in a beautifully filtered setting.

On a sunny day, a bottle of green juice makes your stomach smile, your skin seem softer and your life seem more manageable. But let’s look at your mind for a second. Who is cleansing that?


Today, we’re proposing a new kind of cleanse. It’s a mental yoga class that’s more of the yin-variety than the vigorous, drenched-in-sweat Vinyasa version – A day of breathing, belly laughs and whatever the heck you want. Our revised cleanse is a day-long (or longer!) flex of the relaxation muscle – A time to breathe easy and smile at the sky.

Think about it – Have a big assignment due? Start earlier. Have a stressful situation coming up? Understand that by worrying about it, you will only increase your stress levels further (Sounds crazy on paper, right? So don’t be crazy! Chill out.)


My Dad is one of the people who constantly reminds me of this – I used to run around the house with my  head cut off before exams, interviews and fashion shows. What good did that do? It gave me pimples, furrowed eyebrows, and totally eliminated my need for caffeine. So, now? I take each Sunday to remind myself not to worry about it. To keep my head down, work hard, and breathe out any ounce of panic I have about the week of “chaos” ahead. That’s another thing, too. Stop glorifying “chaos” with hashtags and captions and off-the-cuff conversation. So you’re crazy busy? Stop telling people and streamline. Handle it. Breathe, hug your Mom, and make your life fit your body like those major jeans you bought last weekend. Yeah, those ones.

They look great on you, girl.


Madison (M/O/M)

Madison by David James
Addison by Written Prosperity

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